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CLAN UPDATE - The clan now has multiple leaders, GreatOne, Corpse_Grinder, and myself King.

WILD ARMS is an old clan of Realms of Kaos, it was founded by WING in 2000 and grew to a large size. WING who thought he was an unworthy leader left the clan and ordered it disbanded, though enough members remained for the clan to stay alive. The clan was taken over by ChangWufei who led it for awhile then left the realms, at which point it was taken over by me, King. I led the clan over many years with the help of many individuals such as GreatOne, WING, ChangWufei, Aragorn, Judyth_of_Bridane, Nosnam, Daemon, Getupkid, and Fiyz. The clan has been in bad shape for a long time but I hope to refound and bring it back to the status it has been in the past, just a clan where people can be friends and work together.

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