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1. The clan is neutral, PK and APK alike are welcome, but one thing is to be made clear, if you go around killing people, make sure you do it alone. WILD ARMS is not a clan for a bunch of cowards. In any case, should you be cought doing this, you will be given two more chances, the only excuse for doing this is if it's during a war, if you were attacked first, or it is agreed on by the other party in a duel.

2. Any member interested in joining the clan has to be vouched in by another member, once joined it's a requirement to have your contacts and list of in-clan alts (For safety reasons, we don't want to kick someone out thinking they don't belong in the clan).

3. You treat all clan members with respect, and if they wish to be left alone you do so, if you push them around, PK them, or just don't leave them alone against there will, you will be given ONE more chance.

4. You don't have to give complete obedience to clan leaders, just try to play fair with everyone else, if people do something for you in the clan, try to return the favor, and help other clannies whether or not they help you. After all that is the purpose of a clan, to help each other out.

5. If anyone is cought with inviter rights when they shouldn't it is imperative to know who they got that ability from so that we can cast quick judgement on the matter.

6. We're not really strict, just a clan that supports good morals, so play nice, have fun, act as wierd as you like, just be fair.