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MortiStar Yu-Gi-Oh!

This is an actual physical section of the MortiStar empire, after losing a team duel I decided to break off and make my own team. Starting with the idea of a singles team, I then made it a branch of the MortiStar Empire. We only have one faction right now but over time I intend on spreading the MortiStar legacy throughout the duelist capita.

As the only member at this moment I'll just provide a few links to some trademarks of my deck. (of course not enough to make a remarkable difference.


The record for most life points lost in one attack, I just witnessed it and pulled it off and the record is 18000... I'll write the steps I and my adversary took at pulling off this record together, once I told him I was going for the new record he started to help buff up my monster as well you see :D.